Why to visit Wisco

Why visit Wisconsin

It is a known fact that Wisconsin does not get the media hype that surrounds California, Florida, or New York as a travel destination. Unfortunately, this omission in the media means that millions of Americans are missing out on one of the best states for sightseeing and outdoors activity. When Wisconsin is mentioned, the first thing people always think about is the cold weather and secondly cheese. But there is a lot more to Wisconsin than these two things.

This mecca of dairy-agriculture land is home to some of the most scenic places in the country. Almost any outdoors activity that you can think off is available in Wisconsin. You can go rafting, boating, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and hunting in many of the state’s lakes and parks. And if the temperature starts to drop way below your liking, there are just as many indoor things to do- from indoor water parks, sports complexes and some of the best cuisine in the Midwest.

If you still have not considered Wisconsin as your next travel destination, here are a few more things that may just do the trick:

Scenery: unlike many other states Wisconsin still has preserved most of its natural sites. A trip by car will allow you to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation. During fall time, you can experience the beautiful changing of the colors of the trees and the pristine blue waters of the many lakes. In fact, at almost every small town you can rent bikes, go hiking, biking, or fishing. And that is not all, you can rent some of the most romantic cottages along the lakes for the weekend where you can sit by the fireplace, drink some of the nicest blends of coffee, and enjoy the different varieties of cheese.


One very common reason to visit Wisconsin is the Green Bay packers.

Always leading contenders and perennial winners- perhaps this may explain why people in Wisconsin are always happy. However, if you plan to go to the stadium to watch the Packers play, make sure you have tickets before hand. There is at least a 2-year waiting list – and is getting longer each year- tells you how die-hard the fans are for their football team.

During the summer, you will not get the humidity of Florida or Texas-the weather is just perfect for picnic almost every weekend. And if you are brave, you can go ride one of the many roller coasters, go to the water parks, or do any type of water activity that pleases your heart. And to top of the evening, you can always go relax at the Drive-in cinemas, which still exist.

If you are sea-faring, then Lake Superior is for you. One of the best sites to visit is the Apostle Island Caves that were formed many thousands of years ago. Or you can kayak the many streams and lakes along the coastline. During winter, much of the water freezes but then Lake Superior becomes an icy wonder place where people play ice hockey or go snowshoeing.

Relatively cheap:

one of the best reasons to come to Wisconsin is that your money goes a long ways here. Almost everything is relatively cheap here compared to New York, California or Florida. There is accommodation to suit every budget and ample decent places to eat.

Finally, Wisconsin always rates at the top of the list when it comes to friendly people. Everywhere you go, you will feel the warmth and kindness of the natives and if all this still does make you want to go to visit this state, you really need a thorough mental exam.

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