Utah bound and other news

Welcome to the blog!

Glad to have you back reader, as always. It’s been a very busy week, but I’m about to leave for Utah to shred the gnar with my cousin Brian and Father Frank. I’m stoked! There’s a lot to be done packing wise still. I’m bringing along my camera and media production setup so expect lots of interesting and new content…

Site changes

I’ve launched a couple of new design changes on the site, and I’m hoping they’re an improvement to before. I’ve also commissioned some more visual content for social media and my photography business so it’ll be all shiny and well branded.


Upcoming Utah Trip

There’s something magic about Utah and I’m grateful to be going back. The people are kind and the mountains evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the gifts of life that nature gives us every day.

If you know of something we should see or do while we visit Utah then send us a message and let us know! Especially food and restaurants, as there’s nothing quite like a good meal to make you feel right at home. As always, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading, and thank you, fellow human, for being you.

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