New consulting job with Riemer systems, Koffee Kup website, and more…

Welcome to another life update!

Hellllloooo, welcome back reader! Glad to have you here. Another blog post to keep the dreamĀ alive and hopefully create some content you’ll enjoy reading… but first, about this update…

I’ve got a new job consulting with Riemer Systems. They’re based in Whitewater, Wisconsin, and I’m helping them launch a new website and create content as well as optimize existing content and ecommerce solutions. I’ve also landed another website consulting gig creating the site forĀ Koffee Kup, one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Stoughton, Wisconsin. Go give it a look if you’ve got a moment.

Thanks for sticking around!

I typically don’t blog for very long, so when I do post longer updates it’s nice to know that they’re seen. The more of this post is about my offer to build your business a website and to host it for 30$-50$/mo if you’re in Wisconsin or a nearby state. We can discuss the details if you’re interested in arranging a more informative meeting.

That’s about it for today, and I seriously appreciate it if you took the time to read this somewhat lengthy update. It’s a blast blogging and doing web development and I’ve seriously been overwhelmed with how much positive feedback I’ve received. Thank you all.

As always, have yourself a lovely day.


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