Update from Truckee, California.

Hey Reader! Glad to have you back. It’s been quite the eventful week out here in California. We left Mammoth Mountain yesterday after getting snowed in for an entire day — we literally could not leave. We were turned around by police on 395 North and had to spend another day exploring Mammoth Mountain, which wasn’t such a bad thing really.

Yesterday we drove about 400 miles into Nevada just to get far enough north to make it to our cousin’s house. It was quite the drive, hella scenic, and totally worth making the detour for. I saw an actual tank for sale at an ammo depot out there. Walker Lake was absolutely stunning. You can see a pic here on my Instagram page. I’m glad we’re spending the day watching the Packer game with our lovely cousins instead of being on the road or mountains. It’s a chance to recover.

I’ll keep this one brief. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re finding plenty of reasons to drink something warm and talk with your loved ones in this particularly cold winter out here.


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