1,000 total views on the website and 4 reasons to bring a camera with you while you travel.


We did it! I mean, we actually did it. We got to 1,000 page views on the blog!! I’m so grateful to everyone and anyone who has visited the site, shared content, or just given me encouragement. It seriously means the world to me. It’s a small milestone but it’s evidence of progress made, and that’s everything for me.

Now, on to:

4 Reasons you should bring a camera with you while you travel

  1. You’ll stop and enjoy the scenery more often. There’s no doubt that as you spend more time being behind a camera you’ll start thinking of the world around you as frames for your photos. You might look at monuments in a new way, or stop to view a dramatic vista you’d have passed by, or maybe even find a new adventure through a photo tour.
  2. You’ll have more memories from your trip to show your friends. There’s a lot to be said for simply enjoying vacation or travel but there’s something about a photo that really brings the place back with you more than most souvenirs can. They tell a story. You’d be lucky if your souvenir doesn’t wind up broken, in the trash, or worse, stuffed away in someone’s storage or attic forever.
  3. Having a camera while you travel can help you get over the barrier between you and the place you’re visiting. Struggle with anxiety? Welcome to the club. It’s a near ubiquitous affliction, perhaps brought on by endless social media refreshing or some other aspect of modern life. For me personally, having my camera gives me a sense of purpose while I travel. I’m not aimlessly wandering, I’m hunting for shots. Rather than avoiding the locals, I might try to snap a pic and start a conversation with one of them.
  4. It’s fun. There’s something about snapping photos that makes it a universally enjoyable thing. Selfies? Awesome. Travel selfies? Extra awesome. You’ll make memories while you’re making memories when you take photos and travel!

Well, that’s all for now y’all. Thanks for stopping by and as always, have yourself a lovely day.

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