Leaving for California, thoughts on food blogging, travel photography.

Hey reader!

Welcome back, it’s great to have you here as always. Writing to let you know that I’ll be gone from Wisconsin from the 13th to the 24th. Instead of going on hiatus entirely, I’ll try to gather content to post while I’m gone and also feature some new content from the vacation (so long as it’s about food, photography, or travel).

Food blogging is changing the way I approach restaurants and ordering. I’m thinking about which foods sound the most crave-able, which foods look the most aesthetically appealing, and what the most popular item on the menu would be for most people. It’s also been changing how I think about my own cooking at home! For example, I’m more visually interested in what I’m making — it’s not just about the flavor. It’s improved my appreciation of food itself as an art form.

This will be my first vacation bringing my fujifilm xt-1 along to shoot travel photography. It’s exciting but also I feel a bit like a parent whose child is going off to their first day of kindergarten. I’m worried about dings or scratches or whatever small damages might be incurred on the camera, totally unreasonable I know as there’s nothing to fear about your camera getting damaged and the fear itself might stop you from getting some awesome shots!

We’ll see how it all goes. As always, thank you reading, thank you for stopping by, and have yourself a lovely day.

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