Featured Restaurants in Dane County, Breakfast gems, places every foodie in Wisco should visit

Hey reader!

Just a heads up to let you know that there’s an exciting piece of content coming later this month. It’s exciting because it’s my first feature piece published on this site and also as a part of my ongoing stevenswisconsin.com travel blog project covering all the restaurants in Dane County and featuring content from all of Wisconsin.

The current restaurants being featured are:

Luke’s Cafe in McFarland
Koffee Kup in Stoughton
Green Lantern in McFarland
McFarland House in McFarland
Holstein Grill in Oregon

Let me know if you’ve any suggestions for somewhere that I should visit, something that I should order, or just leave a comment saying hello! It’s all welcome and it’d mean the world to me even if you’re just saying hello.

Thanks for reading!

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